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General Information

If the information below is inconsistent with the current code, the user is advised to rely exclusively upon the original records available at the Village Hall.

General Information
Beach, Park and Wooded Village Areas
The Buildings Department
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Snow Removal and Related Problems
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Baxter Estates is one of 30 incorporated villages in the Town of North Hempstead, County of Nassau. It ranks second smallest in size according to area (109 acres) and population (999 as of the 2010 census). The Village is in the Third Congressional District.  For the New York State Legislature, the Village is represented in the 16th Assembly District and in the 7th Senatorial District.

Some of the benefits of living in a village include: zoning protection, control of construction through local building permits, curbside leaf pick-up, road maintenance, street sweeping, and snow removal. As a result of this local control, there can be greater efficiency that leads to lower taxes.  The Village of Baxter Estates is governed by a four-member Board of Trustees and a Mayor, all unsalaried and elected for two year terms in elections held the third Tuesday in March. The Mayor and two Trustees are elected in odd-numbered years and the other two Trustees in even-numbered years. Any resident may vote who is 18 years of age, a U.S. citizen, is registered with the Nassau County Board of Elections and has been a resident of the state and village for at least 30 days.

The Board meets at 7:30 P.M. on the first Thursday of each month. The annual meeting is held in April. All meetings are held in the Village Office at 315 Main Street and are open to the public.

Board members all serve on various committees pertaining to Village affairs. In addition, Board members are always available to the public by leaving a message at the village office or by email.

The Village Clerk-Treasurer is the chief administrator of the Village and carries out Village policies as directed by the Mayor, Trustees, and other Village officials. The duties of the Clerk-Treasurer include: supplying information to residents, acting as clerk secretary at Village meetings, acting as a liaison with other Villages, the Town, County and State, preparing the tax roll, receiving taxes, and dealing with contractors concerning daily maintenance of the Village. The Village Clerk-Treasurer is responsible for publicizing all legal notices and sending out notices for Village meetings. She oversees general conditions in the Village. The Village Clerk-Treasurer also prepares the annual budget for the approval of the Board of Trustees and Mayor. In addition, she attends monthly meetings and advises the Board on matters of financial investments and expenditures.

The Village Attorney writes contracts, drafts local laws, provides legal advice to the Board of Trustees and the Board of Zoning Appeals, and represents the Village in civil litigation. He attends all Village meetings.


Barbara Johnson Park and Preserve at Baxter's Pond is our most active park area and is owned and maintained by Nassau County and the Baxter's Pond Foundation. The natural setting of the meandering stream and seating areas around the pond provide residents with a peaceful sanctuary from the stress of daily living. Baxter Estates Beach is maintained by the Village and offers a beautiful vista of Manhasset Bay. The passive park area adjacent to the Town of North Hempstead parking lot located on Shore Road offers seating areas and dockside fishing. Several wooded areas are located within, and maintained by, the Village. One area abuts Central Drive, behind the Pierre Apartments and the J.P. Morgan Chase Bank on Main Street. Another abuts the backyards of private homes on Hilltop Road, extending to Overlook Drive. Yet another abuts the Port Washington Water District, extending to homes on Bayside Avenue, Harbor Road and Sandy Hollow Road. Encroachments and dumping on Village property are prohibited. Offenders are subject to a fine and will be responsible for the costs incurred by the Village for removal of debris if the resident fails to comply with such notice.

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The Building Inspector enforces zoning ordinances, inspects plans and issues building permits and certificates of occupancy. Since permits are required for all alterations and additions or other structural changes, residents are advised to check with the Village office when planning changes to their homes. The Building Inspector is available at the Village office on Wednesdays only from 9:00A.M. to 1:00 P.M. Messages for the Building Inspector can be left with the Village Clerk, who may also make appointments for him when necessary or he can be emailed directly through this web site.

Required permits:

Accessory Building Permit
Air Conditioning Permit
Antenna Permit
Awning Permit
Building Permit
Cesspool Permit
Demolition Permit
Dumpster Permit
Fence Permit
Generator Permit
Pool Permit
Sewer Installation Permit
Shed Permit
Sign Permit
Special Event Permit
Street Opening Permit
Tree Permit
Wood Deck Permit
Applications and forms
Information for permits


Excessive noise of any kind in an outdoor living area before 8:00 A.M. or after 10:00 P.M. is prohibited if the sound is audible and could constitute a disturbance to other residents. Construction is permitted Monday to Friday from 8:30 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. and on Saturdays from 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.

The operation in a residential district of any power equipment for grounds improvement or maintenance is permitted between the hours of 8:30 A.M. and 6:00 P.M. on Mondays through Fridays, 9:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. on Saturdays and 10:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M. on Sundays. In addition, owners themselves may operate power equipment between 6:00 P.M. and 7:00 P.M Monday through Friday. Power equipment includes generators, lawn mowers, garden tools, snow removal equipment, power saws, chain saws, leaf blowers, lawn edgers, and wood, branch and leaf chippers.

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Homeowners have almost unlimited opportunity to landscape their property. There are several restrictions and ordinances, however, that are necessary for public safety and to maintain the unique, park like setting of Baxter Estates. A permit from the Village Office must be obtained to cut down any tree that is twenty inches or more in circumference when measured at a height of three feet. Homeowners should observe the following guidelines concerning the trees and shrubs on their ťpropertyť.

Property includes all in front of your home to the curb.
Dead tree limbs should be removed when they are lower than eight feet to ensure safe passage for pedestrians and vehicles.
Shrubs cannot encroach upon sidewalks.
Shrubs on corners and those bordering driveways should not be more that thirty inches in height so they do not obstruct a motorist's visibility.


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Please note, garbage pick-up is not a service provided by the Village of Baxter Estates. Village residents are serviced by Meadow Carting Corporation for garbage collection through the Port Washington Garbage District, a special district with an elected body of Commissioners. Waste generated from the normal day to day operations of the household and kitchen is collected three times a week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Yard waste, including grass, leaves, hedge clippings and tree limbs (no larger than three inches by four feet) is collected each Monday, beginning the first week of April and continuing until the second week of December. Christmas trees are picked up the first two weeks of January. Recycling items (paper, bottles and cans) are collected on Friday. Bulk items (a maximum of two at one time) such as furniture, mattresses, rugs, appliances, etc. are collected on Friday.

For the Holiday Schedule, District Calendar, FAQ’s, information about recycling, and for details about what can go in the trash, please visit the Port Washington Garbage District website at: http://www.pwgarbagedistrict.com

For any complaints, comments or issues regarding garbage pick-up, you may contact Meadow Carting directly at (516) 338-0121. Please also forward your complaint to the district: commissioners@pwgarbagedistrict.com


Due to the residential nature of the Village there are a few parking rules which must be followed. There is no parking on Baxter Estates Streets from 3 A.M. to 6 A.M. Village parking rules are posted on Village streets and must be observed at all times. Village of Baxter Estates (VBE) stickers are available at the Village office to help the Police identify parked vehicles which do not belong to Village residents. Parking tickets will be issued by the Port Washington Police for failure to comply with the parking ordinances. Parking tickets are to be paid at the Village office.

Parking for special events (parties, etc.) can be arranged by contacting the Village office.
Please call (516) 767-4628 for information regarding parking at the Port Washington branch of the Long Island Railroad Station.

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During the winter season our snow removal services have been successful because of the cooperation of our residents and our snow removal personnel. To ease the snow removal process and enable plows to clear each street, the following suggestions should be observed:

Cars should be parked in garages and driveways.
Garbage cans should be placed within the driveway or on a cleared, off-street area.
Sidewalks must be cleared by the homeowner within a reasonable amount of time after snow stops falling to ensure safe pedestrian passage. If required for safety purposes, the Village will clear sidewalks and bill the homeowner for this service.
Shoveling snow or pushing plowed snow into streets creates a hazard for drivers and is illegal.
Fire hydrants covered by snow should be made accessible and identified with a pole stuck in the snow.


While the many mature trees that shade our community enhance the beauty and the quality of life in Baxter Estates, they also shed large volumes of leaves in the autumn. Leaves may not be burned, either on the street or on private property. As a service to residents, the Village has, for many years, contracted to dispose of loose leaves placed at the curb. There are leaf pick-ups beginning the first week of November and ending the first week of December. Before and after these official pick-ups, all leaves must be bagged, tied and left for regular garbage pick-up. Twigs, grass clippings or garden debris must be left for regular garbage pick up.

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Pets are permitted although pigeons, chickens, farm animals and any animal classified as “wild” are prohibited. As a common courtesy, dog owners are requested to pick up and dispose of dog wastes. Dogs must be on a leash when not on the owner’s property and are not permitted to bark excessively.


All swimming pools and hot tubs must have a permit, which can be obtained at the Village office. The following safeguards have been established by the Village so that a pool does not become a danger or nuisance to neighbors.

The pool area must be completely enclosed with a good quality fence four feet in height. Every gate in the fence must be equipped with self-closing and self-locking devices.
Pools must be completely drained in the winter and provided with tight fitting covers.
Provisions must be made on the premises for draining the pool. A pool should never be emptied into the street.

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Proper maintenance of a cesspool is essential. Animal fats, vegetable oils, or waste water used in stripping off wax from vinyl floor tiles should not be disposed of in your cesspool. Use of kitchen food disposals is not recommended. If there is a problem with a cesspool, detergents should not be used in the washing machine. An enzyme conditioner from a hardware store can be used to put new enzymes into the cesspool to break down the fats. A treatment like this is recommended before leaving on vacation to clean out piping and the cesspool while the homeowner is away.


Before putting up a fence, constructing a retaining wall or changing the level of the land, the homeowner must obtain a permit from the Village office. Fences cannot be higher than four feet unless otherwise permitted by the Board of Zoning Appeals. Retaining walls cannot be higher that the ground which they support. The existing grade and contours of any property cannot be altered or modified by excavating, terracing, filling, or any other means without obtaining a permit from the Village office.

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To register to vote in all village elections, residents should go to the Village office ten days prior to the election. A register-by-mail form is available from the Village office. Registration with the County Board of Elections qualifies a resident to vote in village and general elections.


The Board of Zoning Appeals is appointed by the Mayor with the consent of the Board of Trustees and acts as an independent body to hear petitions for variances of the zoning ordinance of the Village. The five member Board meets on request. One of the primary advantages of being incorporated as a village is the ability to control community growth and development through zoning ordinances, which govern all improvements to property in the Village. If building applications are denied, property owners may petition for a variance to the Board of Zoning Appeals. There are two kinds of variances, area variances and use variances, each of which is treated differently. In each case, the BZA must balance the benefit to the applicant against the detriment to the health, safety and welfare of the entire community. The application is added to the agenda of the next public meeting of the Board of Zoning Appeals. A notice of the hearing is published in the local newspaper and adjoining neighbors are notified by mail. The applicant will be advised of the hearing date at which time he will present reasons why the application should be approved. Others may then speak either in favor or in opposition to the petition.

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The Landmarks Preservation Commission was created in 2003 to preserve our historic sites. It consists of 5 members appointed by the Mayor, one of whom is designated as commissioner and who serves as chairman.


In 2003 the Village created the offices of Village Justice and Acting Village Justice to enforce the laws and ordinances of the Village relating to parking, fire prevention and safety, health, sanitation, building zoning and planning. The Village enforcement personnel are authorized to issue appearance tickets. The Village Court is held at the Village Office once every other month on a set date.

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Village taxes are based on the amount of money needed to fund services provided by the Village. The annual tax rate is based on assessed valuation of properties in the Village. The tax rate is arrived at by first establishing the budget.

All costs of running the Village are assembled by the Mayor and a proposed budget is prepared. A public hearing is held and residents are invited to ask questions and express their feelings about the proposed budget. Then the proposed budget is submitted to the Board of Trustees. The budget must be approved by the first Monday in May. Anticipated income from state aid, building permits, etc., and any surplus from the previous year are subtracted from the approved budget expenses leaving the amount to be raised by real property tax.

Taxes must be paid by June 30th. Late penalties begin to be assessed on the first business day in July. Exemptions to the Village property tax are available to certain senior citizens. Applications for senior citizen exemptions must be made each year at the Village office between September 1 and December 31st.


Village Budget 2015-2016
Village Budget 2016-2017
Village Budget 2017-2018


Village ordinances prohibit construction of any posts, fences, and other structures on the fifteen-foot strip of land that abuts the road, which is Village property, not the homeowner's. Additionally, any lawn sprinkler pipes, electrical wires or other underground installations are done at the homeowner’s risk and expense. The Village is not responsible for any subsequent damage to pipes, wires, etc. done by Village employees and/or contractors working on Village rights of way.

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