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Carbon Monoxide Letter (businesses)


The Village Street Sweeping will begin on Tuesday, April 19th, 2016.

May 3July 12Sept 20
May 17Aug 2Oct 4
May 31Aug 23Oct 18
June 21Sept 6Nov 1
In order for John McGowan & Sons Inc. to do the best possible job, please do not park in the street on the days listed above. These dates are subject to change. Thank you for your cooperation.

Inc. Village of Baxter Estates
315 Main Street, Port Washington, NY 11050
516-767-0096 staff@baxterestates.org


Do You Have a One-of-a-Kind Community?

Since civic education is the foundation of an active and informed citizenry, NYCOM has developed the following 5th grade program to teach students about local government in New York State and to assist educators in meeting the State's civics standards.



2016 THEME: “One-of-a-Kind Community” - A key component of a healthy community is one that has a unique blend of two elements – people and place. Whether in a big city, a quaint village, or in a rural setting, your community has a unique connection between its residents and its places and spaces. The result is a place that people feel a strong stake in. A thriving community values its distinctive and desirable qualities, and in turn, those qualities serve the community as a resource. These special resources may be seen in the form of a natural resource, historic structure, strong neighborhood, or an exceptional individual – show us what makes your hometown a One-of-a-Kind Community.

WINNERS: The FIRST PLACE WINNER will have their artwork featured on the spring cover of NYCOM’s widely distributed Municipal Bulletin magazine and will be acknowledged in the magazine and on the NYCOM website. Second and third place winner’s artwork will also be featured inside the magazine and on the NYCOM website.

Contact Jennifer Purcell of the NYCOM staff with any questions. Or for more information about NYCOM’s education programs, visit our website at http://www.nycom.org/resource-center/education-program.html.

An Important Note on Storm Drains

As you walk around the Village of Baxter Estates you may notice storm drains cut into the curb and meant to remove storm water quickly from streets and surrounding areas. These drains are meant only for rain water and snow melt (cumulatively storm water) to move through and are not trash receptacles. Anything that is poured down or placed into these drains ends up in our beautiful Manhasset Bay or in our groundwater. Do not place pet waste, leftover lawn fertilizer, used oil, food scraps, trash, or anything else into these storm drains. Pet waste can be disposed of in your trash; lawn fertilizer can be swept up and kept to be applied later. Used oil can often be returned to stores that sell motor oil.

You can also call the Town’s 311 number to inquire about hazardous material collections going on throughout the year. There is one coming up on November 8th at North Hempstead beach North lot. Certain food scraps can be composted and the rest can be thrown out in your regular garbage. Some of our storm drains are marked with a stainless steel medallion that says “no dumping, drains to bay” to serve as a reminder that only rain should go down the drain.

The Village of Baxter Estates is a member of the Manhasset Bay Protection Committee, which was formed in the 1990s to restore and protect Manhasset Bay. Committee membership is open to all local governments located in the watershed of Manhasset Bay. For more information on Manhasset Bay and how you can help protect and preserve it, visit the Committee’s website at www.manhassetbayprotectioncommittee.org





*Important New Service offered for Village Residents*

****NorthShoreAlert.org** is a mass notification system
designed to keep residents and businesses of the Port
Washington, NY peninsula, north of Northern Blvd, informed of
emergencies and certain community events.* By registering with
NorthShoreAlert.org, time-sensitive voice messages from the
Village, the Town of North Hempstead, or Police, Fire, and Water
special districts may be sent to your home, cell or business
phone. Text messages may also be sent to cell phones, e-mail
accounts and hearing impaired receiving devices.

*We urge you to go to NorthShoreAlert.org. and register your information today.*



Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Effective February 22, 2010, Amanda's Law mandates that all residences having appliances which emit carbon monoxide shall purchase and install a carbon monoxide detector. For more information please go to the link below:



Village of Baxter Estates
315 Main Street 
Port Washington, NY 11050
Email: staff@baxterestates.org



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